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The logical hemisphere, the outward thinking and inward doing, of human brain comprises of Air and Earth element whereas and the spiritual hemisphere, the outward perspective, and inward intuition and feeling, are composed with Fire and Water element. Astrology coordinates both the realms, it involves the analysis of time and event process then associates it with vision, sensation, and vibration.

Importance of Astrology

We are bound in the materialistic things of this practical world to the extent that the reality of stars, other cosmic bodies, their magic, and influence becomes foggy, it’s when the right brain influences the left brain and two realms combine we start developing faith in our heart to realize the fact that every soul is affected by the stars. Astrology is a mysterious language that when dither develops the understanding of the unreachable power.

                                                                          Need of Astrologer

An astrologer is not limited to the analysis of birth charts, he is the motivational speaker who cannot alter the fate but can suggest motivational remedies to reduce the impact of adverse planetary positions. Suppose the astrologer predicts the down graph of your future, won’t it dishearten you?  Or suppose a bright prediction is conveyed then there is a risk that it will make you reckless. So, should we or shouldn’t we consult an astrologer?

A genuine astrologer will interlink your horoscope with your karmas; he, with the astrological skills, will motivate you to effectively perform your duties. The astrologer should guide you, encourage you in your endeavors but should not direct your life with his impact words

Celestial objects entice vibrations that impact our lives and have the power to change the course we formulated in our minds. But an authenticate scholar with the correct degree of stimulation can escort you towards your true chosen aspect. Your Karmas, your company decide what you are and with the help of a genuine astrologer, you can either enhance or subsidies the effect of your karmas.



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