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We provide free vastu readings in India which includes vastu based on planetary positions in birth chart of native. 



Need of Vastu:

Some times while entering in a house, we can feel that it is good house having positive energy, making your mind to stay here more time or giving you happy feel. Sometimes we feel  opposite of it like we are being disturbed mentally and not getting good vibes here or some kind of force is pushing you to go out of house immediately .

Every house has a body like us, only elements are different. We have body parts, organs etc as elements while house has elements like Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Sky. Every of our body part and organ has its fixed position in body so that we can get perfect body to run everything smoothly. House or home or offices etc also has its fixed position for every element and for every direction too.

Checking of every element for its fixed position and direction then placing them at right position or in right direction is known as Vastu.

Vaastu is a science for all directions to balance five elements of body with nature. These five elements are called Panchbhoot.  A best vaastu home reserves this energy in the directions where it is needed.

Panchbhoots: Air, Water, Sky, Earth, Fire

Vaastu can be used for:

  1. Vaastu Map for home.

  2. Master Bed room vaastu tips.

  3. Vaastu for worship room(Small temple in home/Mandir)

  4. Vaastu for Kitchen.

  5. Vaastu for Storage and Septic tank.

  6. Directions and angles of vaastu.

  7. Vaastu for children room.

  8. Vaastu for position of dining area.

  9. Vaastu for house hold articles position.


Basic directions & Deities (Lords):

  1. East- Sun rise direction- Sun

  2. West- Varun

  3. North- Kuber

  4. South- Yamraj

  5. Ishan- East-North- Shiva

  6. Agni- East-South-Agni(Fire)

  7. Vayvya-North-West-Air( Varuna)

  8. Netratya-South-West-Pitra

  9. Center- Centre of all directions- Brahma 

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