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Healing through Pyramid

Power of Pyramid:

In 1950, Scientists experienced that a model based Pyramid could affect material kept inside in subtle way. It also works on decayed meat or other stuffs of food to regain their actual form with edible value. They experienced that pyramids have some powers. Pyramids can be used as preservatives.


Dowsing is a technique to find the electromagnetic field lying hidden from our eyes inside the earth or a sacred site, building & certain objects. It is also used to check energy of gem stones.  


When we put dowsing device over pyramid apex, I start rotating clockwise with high frequency of revolution. It has positive energy. When we are moving dowsing device clockwise over apex of Pyramid speed increases means positive energy is there and decreases mean to negative energy.  

Power of Water:

Some scared sites, pilgrimage place, temple, masque, church, have some special vibrations because of water founded there in pools, wells, stream coming from ground or any river near it. Science realized that water has certain capabilities like retaining heat energy. Power reactors also work on concepts to pull energy of water or create energy from force of water.

When water is kept inside the pyramid, it acquires properties similar to water found from scared sites or temples. Pyramids water work well as a skin lotion & it glows skin. It also works to heal wounds. It’s a good digestive agent as well. Anahat chakra also can be activated after drinking pyramid water regularly.


Things placed inside pyramids loose much of their water contents and get dehydrated. This is turn where bacteria and negative strain get removed. Fruits and vegetables if kept inside the pyramids tend to remove mould on there. Bacteria’s and decaying activity no longer work.

Example: if any used blade is kept inside pyramids then it takes back its sharpness and takes as new blade.

Cell & Batteries:

If we put batteries and cells inside pyramid then worn out cells and batteries get rejuvenated with higher electromagnetic fields. Batteries and cells gets new fields on positive node and also on negative node.


Anything which is kept inside pyramid then bad order is removed and it takes a fresh lemon smell. It is proved by some Yogis living in India smells like fresh lemon. Pyramid acts as a doorway between primal energy & our surroundings. If you smoke a cigarette inside pyramid then its order vanishes. Pyramids change low frequency to high frequency and create adverse atmosphere for bacteria. 


Animals consume energy of pyramid to get energized. Food and water inside their bodies gets more digestive agent. Dog tends to choose north-eastern corner inside pyramid. If you move pyramid, dog will sniff and will take north-east position again. Animals are guided purely by instinct.

Healing Phenomena:

Pyramids are also useful for healing. Human body can be divided in to three categories like sthool, Sukshma and Karan Sharir. Ayurveda holds five KOSHA in body as:


Yoga has proved that every human body have seven energy grids names as:

  1. Muladhar Chakra

  2. Swadhistan Chakra

  3. Manipur Chakra

  4. Anahat Chakra

  5. Vishuddha Chakra

  6. Agya Chakra

  7. Sahasrar Chakra

Activation of Chakras using Pyramid Power:

It’s already proven that pyramids takes up our vibrations to higher level and help in activating our chakras. Pyramids uses own energy field to create a resonance within us. We can meditate inside pyramid or we can put small pyramid at the body point where we want to activate the particular chakra of the body.Best way to activate chakras is, activate them one by one from base( Muladhar Chakra).


it is placed at the base of spine and it is associated with earth element & represents sense of smell. If it gets activated then person leads to a high end sense of smell (Nose). Person can visualize red lotus with four petals at the base of spine.

It is advised to chant mantra “LAM” for a period in which 600 inhalations with 40-45 minutes duration till six months. With the help of pyramid it can be activated in 300 inhalations in 20-25 minutes for a six months period.


 It is placed above of genitals in gross body. It is seat of water element and sensing organ is tongue which improves taste sense. It bestows virility and vigor upon individual. Person can visualize six petals lotus of orange color.

It is advised to chant mantra “VAM” with 1200 breaths for 80-85 minutes per day till 12 months for activation of swadhisthan chakra. Pyramid help to activate this chakra by 600 breaths for 40-45 minutes per day for 12 months.   


It is placed near navel in human body and has a fire element. It helps to grow a sense of sight and represent eyes. Anger, Aggressiveness, ego and ideas are related to it. If it is activated then energy does not fall back to lower chakras. It ensures salvation from animal instincts in an individual. The person can visualize 10 petals lotus of yellow color.

It is advised to chant mantra “RAM” with 24 breaths in 160-170 minutes per day for a period of 24 months. If we use the pyramid for activation then it takes 12 months and 1200 breaths in 80-85 minutes per day.


 It is placed near the heart and has an air element. Higher emotions, compassion, love, and creativity are connected with it. Sense touch and skin are also with it. It is called the center of all chakras. If it gets activated then person will have Sainty (Like Yogis in India) attitude. Person can visualize 12 petals lotus of green color.

It is advised to chant mantra “YAM” with 4800 breaths in 5.5 hours per day for a period of 96 months and with the use of pyramid it gets reduced as 2400 breaths in 3 hours per day for a period of 48 months.


It is placed near the thyroid gland in the human body having Sky element and connected with organ ear. Its activation gives the height of spiritual perfection. Words are spoken never come false and you can say whatever will be spoken gets true in the future. The person can visualize 16 petals lotus of blue color.

It is advised to chant mantra “HAM” 9600 breaths in 11 hours per day for a period of 192 months and with pyramid it gets reduced to 4800 breaths in 5.5 hours per day for a period for 96 months.


It is placed at middle of the forehead in human body and connected with an eyebrow. When it is activated then person will have all psychic and paranormal powers. It is a doorway between celestial beings and deities and lords. Person can visualize two petals lotus of indigo color.

It is advised to chant mantra “OM” 2 hours regularly for a period of 12 years. It also depends on the capacity and connections of the fellow.


It is located at the meeting point of sutures of the skull called crown plexus too and has violet color. Brain is a connected organ for it. Mantra for chanting is “AUM” and no limit breaths are required for its activation. Person can get everything after activation it or we can call person having activated crown chakra, Supernatural.

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