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Future Predictions of India (June 2020-Dec 2020)

June: - Due to the presence of Kaal Sarp Dosha in transit, anomalous problems will arise. A situation of mutual conflict and disintegration will arise between the Sia-Sunni in the Muslim states. The leaders of Israel, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and America will face problems. Cyclonic storms, volcanoes and explosions and natural calamities in Sri Lanka, Japan, America etc. South Pole countries will face fierce fire - would be loss of life, lt will be a significant increase in temperature due to the solar eclipse on Sunday. Uttar Pradesh & Madhya Pradesh will be highly affected by the heat.

July: - There is a possibility of political upheaval in the northeastern parts of India. Due to fire and explosion, earthquake, inflation, the people will be affected. Changes in the cabinet and the border provinces will be stirred. Time will be very painful for political people. There will be massacres and plane accidents. Unimaginable destructive events will occur in European countries. Reduction in rainfall due to Sun-Rahu combination and disease will occur. The stock market will remain highly volatile. The risk of attack by an external enemy will be present.

August: - There will be a lot of movement in political areas and a new political option will arise due to the rise of a new young leader. In Assam and Tripura areas, the problem will get worse due to the support of the anti-India elements. Terror events will increase due to Shdastaka yoga .China, Bangladesh, Pakistan will pose a threat to India. In the sight of Saturn India will have to be more careful about the security of its borders. Excess rainfall and landslides in Assam, West Bengal, Bihar & Karnataka.

September: - Accidents will be bloodshed and excessive loss of public & money due to terrorist activities. Venus-Rahu combination will increase entertainment resources. Rahu will cause disruption in traffic and communication system due to natural reasons or strike, anti-protest. Air-crash or natural outbreak will cause loss of money and wealth. Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, USA, Afghanistan will be mainly affected. Finance will & public funding loss by fire somewhere and explode due to arrive of mars in Aries it may be boisterous rainfall in the eastern provinces .

October: - There will be an atmosphere of war in the western countries. Due to the natural outbreak, the public will be forced to relocate. The ninth-fifth yoga of Saturn-Rahu will be the cause of natural disaster in European countries. Due to the constellation of Mars -Venus, the great storms and Sun-Rahu, the ninth fifth yoga will make the condition of Muslim nations pathetic. Pakistan will be the most affected at this time.

November: Earthquakes and natural destruction will continue and nations at the northeast will be affected. Minor wars etc. are possible. There are signs of change in the cabinet of Uttar Pradesh, Bengal, and Madhya Pradesh. Political conditions will be stable and turbulent, Syria, Countries like Iraq will be in a miserable state due to economic downturn.

December: - Sun-Mercury-Venus addition to Rahu will create new problems in countries like Arabia, Russia, Sweden, and America etc. The countries of Central Asia and India, by the diplomacy of Pakistan can cause problems with Afghanistan. Some nations of the world will be troubled by excessive inflation. The fourth and tenth relationship of Mars-Saturn will make the situation worse. India’s relations with friendly countries will deteriorate, some countries will cheat India. It will once again be generated war situation and factionalism in the countries of the world.

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