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Fasting and Its impact on Human Body

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Fasting, a rejuvenation of Body

Fasting is the terminology related to our culture and deities, the age-old practice is followed but the understanding of its deep meaning can change the whole perspective. Fasting is associated with an empty stomach for the reason that ‘no-food’ stomach provides nothing for digestion to the stomach so that the body can meditate with its full potential.

Fasting done on a particular day is either to strengthen the power of the Lord of the day or to reduce its effect, when we amplify the Lord’s power we intake their preferred food as blessed food and to minimize its effect we offer the same to some priest or in some temple.

The 7 Days

Fasting on Sunday is for Sun God, for Moon we fast on Monday, to please Mars it’s Tuesday. Mercury is the Lord of Wednesday that cures skin problems, now comes the most crucial day Thursday with Jupiter as its Lord. On this day since our birth till our end, all the hormones re-develop Jupiter controls the hormonal balance i.e. if they are more then they get detoxed but gain more power if they require rebuilding. Friday is associated with Venus whereas Saturn is the Lord of Saturday.

Food Consumed

The non-fasting days should be spent with care, the type of food we intake impacts the cell formation in our body, the cells that possess all the qualities of food consumed transfers them to our coming generation. The non-vegetarian diet increases anxiety, anger, and the consumer will adopt the quality equivalent to the animal eaten, it affects our mentality, plants and trees are simpletons they don’t react but the animals do, the food so consumed will not let us realize the full potential of meditation.

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