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Astrology is based on science which is originated from India more than thousands years ago. It helps to find out illness & diseases from birth charts, planets, Nakshatras (Birth Star), planets and combination of planets and based on Rashi as well.

Ayurveda play a vital role in medical astrology because Ayurveda has many elements to get health by using Ayurvedic medicines which are totally pure and herbal with no side effects on body. Ayurvedic medicines are originated from plants, trees, leaves, roots, tree skin seeds, grains almost every part of tree or plants.

Ayurveda & Astrology

Medical Astrology is to enable man to lead a health mentally & physically. Our old saints, guru & physicians were advocated compulsory knowledge. They were known with its relevance to various diseases and illness.

Planets & Connected Organ

PLANET                                TISSUE                                    ELEMENT             CONTROLLING ORGAN  HUMAN SYSTEM

Sun                                      Pitta                                        Bones                                   Bone System  

Moon                                    Vata & Kapha                          Blood                                    Circulatory System  

Mars                                    Pitta                                        Bone Marrow                        Muscular System  

Mercury                               Pitta, Vata & Kapha                 Skin                                      Veins

Jupiter                                 Kapha                                     Fat                                        Digestive System

Venus                                   Vata & Kapha                          Seminal Energy                    Reproductive System

Saturn                                  Vata                                        Veins                                    Excretory System


Devatas & Parts of Bodies




Eyes-Sun & Moon


Ear-Directional Lord

Stomach-Samudra (River/Sea)

Heart-Moon (Chandrma)


Excretory Organ-Mitra


Jaw & Tongue-Varuna

Generative Organ-Prajapati



Nakshtras & Body Part/Organ


Ashwani                               Upper Feet

Bharni                                  Lower Feet

Kritika                                  Head

Rohini                                  Fore Head

Mrigshira                             Eye Brows

Aadra                                   Eyes

Punarvasu                           Nose

Pusya                                   Face

Ashlesha                              Ears

Magha                                  Chin

P.Phalguni                            Right Hand

U.Phalguni                           Left Hand

Hasta                                   Fingers

Chitra                                   Neck

Swati                                   Chest

Vishakha                              Lungs

Anuradha                             Stomach

Jyestha                                Right portion of stomach

Mool                                     Left Stomach

P.Shadha                              Back part of body

U.Shadha                             Waist

Shravana                             Upper Genital

Dhanistha                            Generative Organs

P.Bhadrapada                      Right Thigh

U.Bhadrapada                      Left Thigh

Revati                                  Lower Feet

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