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The World of Energies

Every living creature is surrounded by energy that connects him with the energy of the universe, the physical body has different energy centres, Chakras, that interact and conjunct with the halo surrounding. Energy fields are interconnected and interlinked, one affecting the other, this connection is the essence of existence, and it connects you with the energy of the universe.

Forms of Energies

Feeling, thoughts, physical state, karmas every activity emit and harbour energy vibrations containing information which when assimilated and processed through various channels can transform the quality of life or develop a higher consciousness towards nature and universe.

Energy Derived from Food

State of being agile, active, mental alertness with growth is directly obtained from the food we consume, the food enriched in carbohydrate, protein, fat, and minerals provide us the energy to perform our daily tasks. Our physical body runs a chain of converting everything into energy.

Planetary Force

Planets orbit around the Sun, they generate kinetic energy whose force is impactful if they are near to the Sun or have a reduced effect if they fall back from the Sun. Each planet has its domain and spectrum that creates electromagnetism energy which influences our lives, the space radiations or energy emitted from these planets have different effect on humans, humanity and animal life. The way stars align themselves radiate different energies to affect different characteristics in the universe, the way planetary position changes from time to time affects their vibration; some may become strong while others may become weak.

Gemstone Energy

The gemstones contain cosmic energy within them; they transmit their vibration to the body in contact and generate the cosmic energy to help the person in question to perform at his full potential. Gemstone has both positive and negative energies that can balance human emotions, their power nourishes from the bearer’s body energy and focuses on it to generate energy, and the energy produced depends upon the way they are used.

Energy of Rudraksha

 Rudraksha ranges from single face to twenty-one face with each face having its unique cocoon of energy, the energy of the teardrop of Lord Shiva has the power to strengthen aura around you, and it cures your disease and can reduce malefic effect of the cosmic bodies.

Healing Energy

The technique energises the physical, emotional and spiritual aspect of every individual; it has the power to rebalance the energy surrounding you and energise your chakras so that you can bring a positive change in your life. Healing energies recharge from the energies present in the universe, there are various energy fields which when unblocked make it easier to concentrate and function smoothly for a healthy life.

Sun and Moon Energy

 Sun and its energy are our elementary essence; it highlights our basic nature, personality, and preference. The energy field of Sun removes darkness from our lives; it feeds every living creature on Earth with its heat energy.

Moon generates the magnetic field that controls the emotions and every feeling that lies within our superficial outer self, its energy helps to see through the dark hours of our lives. A full moon night expands heart chakra to remove negativity and inculcate kindness and forgiveness in life.

Spiritual Energy

Yoga generates spiritual energy that interlinks body and mind, it circulates energy from Muladhara Chakra to Crown Chakra so that we are charged with enthusiasm, happiness, and inspiration, it inhales and inculcates energy inside you, and it lifts energy towards the brain to provide new dimensions to the state of mind.

The energies emitted from the chakras link spiritual mind and physical body, a healthy body will increase spiritual and intellectual health. Chakras are energy centres for specific physical and emotional functions; the proper balancing of these radiates energy to each cell inside the body.

Crystal Energy

A healthy physical body emits positive energy that helps to attain spirituality, crystals assist us to achieve your motive, and it centralizes energy to unlock the deep layers inside you by flowing out the negative energy and allowing positive energy to flow inside.

Energy from Nature

Nature is the renewable source of energy, it never ends, and it keeps the world moving. Our world comprises of several elements: plants and trees have their energy language; they channelize the energy channels and open the blockage. Have you ever given thought that sharing your problems with trees releases the confined emotions? Everything in nature is full of energy that has the power to fill you with vitality.

Tantra & Mantra

 The words chanted periodically create a magnetic field with the power to weave and expand the positive energies, words create both positive and negative energy fields which continuously oscillate and form energy pattern on which the whole universe revolves. The core of Tantra & Mantra is the vibrating sound energy created, which has a wide range with the power to shape and reshape the entire cosmos.

Energy obtained from Physical Exercise.

Meditation is the continuous flow of energy in our body; it fills the mind and body with positive energy and keeps you charged for the whole day. Pranayam and different yoga asana are designed to boost immunity and increase the concentration.

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