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Rashi plays vital role to find many things like mental status , mental health and every possible illness in natives body. 

Lords of Rashi are given below:

  1. Aries- Lord Mars

  2. Taurus- Lord Venus

  3. Gemini-Lord Mercury

  4. Cancer-Lord Moon

  5. Leo- Lord Sun

  6. Virgo- Lord Mercury

  7. Libra- Lord Venus

  8. Scorpio-Lord Mars

  9. Sagittarius- Lord Jupiter

  10.  Capricorn- Lord Saturn

  11. Aquarius-Lord Saturn

  12. Pisces- Lord Jupiter



1. Aries:

Head & Brain, cerebellum, bones of head, upper jaw, wounds, sleeping disorder, quick anger,   fever,   headache,  insomnia,   blood impurities, bad digestive system, cuts, accidents.

2. Taurus: 

Neck and throat, ear, thyroid gland, lower jaw, bad immunity system, tonsils.

3. Gemini: 

Skin, white spots, lungs, nervous system, shoulders bones, acidity, respiratory system, leprosy, childlessness, mental disorder, eczema.


4. Cancer: 

Stomach, digestive system and breasts/ chest. imaginative and sentimental, mood swing, venereal disease, skin disease, cold cough, phlegm, smallpox or measles, laziness, spleen and liver disorders, mental disorder, epilepsy, Typhoid, Sinus, eye diseases, dropsy, impurities of blood, swellings, stomach ache, lunacy, influenza.

5. Leo: 

The heart & upper part of the spine. liver, eye disease, headache, fever,  loss of appetite, diarrhea, heart disease, thirst, sun stroke. diabetic, low mental power.

6. Virgo :

The intestinal tract, the large and small intestines, spleen, duodenum, pancreas and bowel. the nervous system, serious worry and anxiety, appendix, sexual disorder, severe chronic constipation.

7. Libra:

 Venereal diseases, uterine disorders, eye diseases, phlegm and wind, diabetes, anemia, skin disease, diseases of ovaries, abortion, low sperm count beauty, symmetry and balance, pains in the lower back, weight distribution.

8. Scorpio: 

Sexual and reproductive organs, bladder, anus and processes of elimination, high bp, loss of semen, dog bite, and blood defect, loss of blood, piles.

9. Sagittarius:   

Hips, buttocks, thighs, sciatic nerve and liver, hernia, bronchitis, liver complaints, jaundice, food pipe, sciatica or liver trouble occurring.

10. Capricorn:  

Knees as well as the whole skeletal system and the skin, lethargy, gas troubles, rheumatism, arthritis, defective speech, tooth ailments, indigestion, ulcer, asthma.

11.  Aquarius: 

The calves and ankles, sore, swollen, weak or slightly-deformed ankles, feet fracture.


Feet and toes while internally it rules the glandular and lymphatic systems, tumor, arthritis, hormonal system.

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