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    Konark Jyotish Kendra provides a huge variety of services in the fields of Vedic Astrology,Medical Astrology         and Astrology based on birth charts and Palm reading. We also have expertise in Healing, Chakra  reading,           Vaastu Services, Telepathy and Visualization etc. 



   Online Learning (Vedic Astrology) &  Visualization Report.  

   Face Reading,  Career & Job ReportBirth Chart Readings

   Child Birth Consultation, Business & Partnership Reports

   Yearly Predictions ReportsTelepathy Services & Readings.

   Chakra Reading and Reports.  Health Readings and Reports.  

   Crystal Energy Services and Reports & Finance Reports.   

   Kundali Matching, Court Cases & Foreign Settlement Reports.   

   Gem StonesRudrakshs & Muhurt Report, Marriage Reports.

   Healing through Phone call/Video Call & Telepathy Reports.

   Vaastu Services & Architectural Support, Yearly Reports.


The logical hemisphere, the outward thinking and inward doing, of human brain comprises of Air and Earth element whereas and the spiritual hemisphere


The age-old practice of the sages where the alignment of the homes and selection of the rooms were done as per the most suitable form is called Vastu Shashtra. 


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It includes all services which are based on Birth chart, Palm reading, Face reading,Visualization, Telepathy and many more.

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Contact : Konark Jyotish Kendra, B-9, First Floor, Sec-64 Noida(UP)- 201301. Call or Whats App  : +91-9718339004

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